Biblical Values, Commitment and the Neo Network

Until I found Neo Network I had searched endlessly looking for a community or a company to work with that shared my biblical values.


Being a Christian my values are rooted from the basic biblical scriptures, where we are to love one another as we love ourselves.  With a servant attitude we are to help and lift one another up.


Biblical Values,Commitment and the Neo Network

Biblical values are not practiced as they once were…

After hours, months and even years of searching, I had given up on the thought that there were any communities out there with biblical values.  It seemed the world had become so greedy and self-serving.  Yes, I  found some that were pretty good, but there was always something with the owners, the com plan or the business practices that gave me an uneasy feeling.

I could never wholeheartedly sale or support them, because I wasn’t convinced their motives were totally sincere.  Therefore, my success was minimal and I was left empty.

That was until I learned of Kris Darty’s biblical values and the Neo Network…


Biblical Values,Commitment and the Neo Network


When I heard Kris Darty confess his faith in Jesus Christ and share his vision for Neo Network, I was taken aback.  I had finally found the community I had searched for.  One who not only shared my biblical values, but used them in the daily operations of their community.

The Neo Network is founded on biblical values…

Now I am convinced!  I am sold on the Neo Network and everything the community stands for.  I am ready to do my part to help others be successful as well.



Here are my commitments to the Neo Network and the whole community:

  • Never think it is about me!
  • Be humble enough to see the needs of others before myself.
  • Realize my weaknesses and accept help.
  • Add value for others where I have strengths.
  • Know that together we have a greatness that is not easily broken.
  • Be an encourager who will always build up and never tear down.
  • Do everything I can do each day to move the team to success.
  • Learn and implement what I learn so I can help others.
  • Never lose sight of where my blessings come from.
  • Be thankful to Jesus Christ in everything I am or ever will be.

Neo Network stands by and practices the biblical values to help others be successful and to do great things for others once we are successful.  I have much to learn, but I commit to being a member who will take action on what I know to do and will learn what I do not know.

Working with this community, the Neo Network who stands on biblical values, makes our future very bright!



Together we are a team! We are the Neo Network! 

Biblical Values,Commitment and the Neo Network

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Biblical Values,Commitment and the Neo Network
Inspired to Empower Others

Biblical Values,Commitment and the Neo Network


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Biblical Values,Commitment and the Neo Network



I am a woman who has her eyes on Jesus. With Him by my side, I find my days are filled with a contentment and peace found nowhere else. My son James and my grandchildren complete my life and make this world a brighter and happier place to be. I enjoy art, reading and writing. I published my first book in 2011 titled "Through My Eyes" Simple Christian Truths available through I am an office manager at a small machine shop. When I am not working I am volunteering at my church doing various activities. I enjoy the computer world and welcome the opportunities that are available to make money while never leaving home. Although my needs are few I am always up for the challenge to make money so I can be a blessing to someone else.
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