Stop Letting Others Decide Your Destiny!

Letting others decide your destiny is one of the most common reasons why people give up on their dreams and desires.

Is your destiny your passion?  Do you have a dream or an idea that burns on the inside of you, but no one else sees your vision for it?  Do you know the plans and steps to take to accomplish them, but others are always discouraging you and telling it is a waste of time?

Stop Letting Others Decide Your Destiny!

Stop Asking for Permission

Well it is time to stop letting others decide your destiny!

Stop listening to the naysayers!  They are always going to be there!  When you defeat one; there will be more.  Expect it, but do not be troubled by them or even listen to them and let me tell you why…

God has placed dreams and desires on the inside of each and everyone one of us.  No one carries your dreams and desires but you.  God is just like that!  He has a purpose for each of us and our dreams and desires coincide with that purpose.


So how do we diffuse the negativity of the naysayers and push forward in fulfilling our own destiny?


Stop Letting Others Decide Your Destiny!

Most of the time the naysayers are those who have given up on their own dreams and desires.  They have lost hope in the possibility of anything good happening for them; so they prefer you to stay with them in their negative mindset.  You have heard it said,


“We are the equivalent of our five best friends”


When determining someone’s input concerning my destiny, I ask myself these questions:

  • Do they have my best interest at heart?
  • Are they a positive influence in helping me achieve my dreams and desires?
  • Do they have dreams and desires of their own?
  • How well have they done in accomplishing their own dreams and desires?


If someone is sincere and has your best interest at heart; they will remove their own feelings from the scenario.  Their purpose will be to encourage and cheer you on to your destiny.  They will truly want you to have your heart’s desires.

Consider their input on a daily bases.  Are they the encourager and the one who will lift you up when you fall?  Will they share joy in your achievements?  These my friends are the keepers!

Another question is where are they in accomplishing their own dreams and desires.  If they have no goals for themselves, chances are they will never see or share in your vision.  Only if they have and believe in their own dreams will they understand your passion and support you in every way.

I know it may sound cruel and it may even be hard, but sometimes it might require distancing yourself from the naysayers!  Why?


“because negativity feeds negativity” 


A positive mindset is required if we are to reach our destiny. 

We must train our thoughts to remain positive while pursuing our destiny.  Positive thinking equals positive results.   Always remember, God has already given you everything you need in order to accomplish your dreams and desires!  Surround yourself with those who will support and encourage you and push past the ones who do not.


Surround Yourself With People Who Believe In You!

Surround Yourself With People Who Believe In You!

You Alone Should Decide Your Own Destiny!

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Inspired to Empower Others

Stop Letting Others Decide Your Destiny!


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Stop Letting Others Decide Your Destiny!


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