When Working Online Became My Only Option!

I started looking into working online about a year ago as a last ditch effort!


When Working Online Became My Only Option!


At that time I was looking to work online to supplement my income and to hopefully be able to come home from my job as an office manager. I found at the age of 56, I was no longer able to work a public job as I had always done in the past.

After being diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease in 1995 and surviving Breast Cancer in 2003 I thought I had conquered it all!  But that was short lived, when I wad told in 2005 I had a lung disease called COPD.

No longer would I be able to do (any) manual labor type work.  As my condition progressed, I found even walking extended distances was a struggle.

This was very devastating to me, as I am not one to sit down and give up…

Working online was the furthest thing from my mind…

Because I have worked since the age of 13 priming in the tobacco fields; I knew how to work and I knew that I had to work in order to care for myself.  Whatever it took I have always done it, even holding down three jobs at time to raise my son.  I recall when I owned a restaurant working many 15 hour days in a row to provide for myself and my son the things we needed.

Now I am told my life as I knew it is over!  In my mind there was no way could I allow this to define me.


Working online seemed to be my only option!


I knew my reality would be my choice…


to the computer I went…


After buying into a scam or two, investing in products and training that only lined the owner’s pockets; I began to understand working online and the world of internet marketing.


When Working Online Became My Only Option!


Today I work a day or two each week as my health allows me as an office manager, because I like it and it is family owned.  If it is not a good day for me; I stay home!

I can only do this because, I have finally found a way to work online from home, on my computer and make a profitable income.

If you can relate or would just like to earn some extra cash I encourage you to check out what I do.

You must have a computer and be willing to follow instructions.

We each determine our own outcome!


When Working Online Became My Only Option!


But it is always nice when we can skip all the scams and money hungry grabbers and get right into making some legitimate consistent money!

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PS. Maybe you have considered working from home, but did not know where to begin. I’ve linked one of my income sources here so you can see it is not complicated and the possibilities are endless.  And I have more!


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